Key Org (Key Organisation) is a partnership of passion, expertise & sharing focused on sound, movie and acoustic management.

Photos © Nèle Deflandre

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Passion first. We are located in Bure, South of Belgium (Ardennes), near Tellin. The studio is built in an old school, where each room has been configured to optimise the recording sessions, the mix and the mastering, also the video clips. We own the needed professional products & devices to satisfy all the different kind of music as well the classical one (dedicated room).
We support the artists to manage their projects from the concept to the realisation, with optimal sound conditions at fair prices, in line with the local administration budgets. We are musicians talking to musicians, mentoring & counselling, techniques come afterwards.
We regularly organise workshops for musicians, as well as acoustic concerts that we record live, providing a stereo mix to the audience via headphones from the console, for optimal listening.
Infrastructure of freedom and shares, terrace & garden, local food flavors and nice countryside.

Our hardware

Studio master : Mac Pro 5.1, 64 GB RAM, 4 SSD 2To, ProTools 12, Logix Pro X, D-Command ES 24, HD I/O (16), DAD Audio (24), BURL 32*2 VANCOUVERT Mix Bus
Preamps : FOCUSRITE ISA 828 (8), UAD 4-710 (4-LAMP), SP 828 Studio Project (8)
Effects : TC Elicon Voice Works, BRICASTI M7,
Speakers : GENELEC 1032 A (2), ADAM S3XH (3), ADAM S1X (2), AURATONE Pro Active Mix Cube (2), ADAM Sub 12
Softwares : Pro Tools 12, Logic Pro X
Headphones : Beyerdynamic DT 100 (8), AKG K271 MKII (2)

Micros : Mojave, Lewitt, Sennheiser, Shure, Electro Voice, DPA, Rode, Royer Ribbon.

Instruments : Fender Telecaster, Godin (2), Bartolex 6 str  & 8 str, Fender Twin Reverb guitar amp, Tama Drum Kit, Korg KRONOS 88, ROLAND JX-8P, ROLAND  RD700, ROLAND PHANTOM 8, ROLAND MS 1, ROLAND JV-2080, GEM SK 76, ROLI Seaboard Rise 49, KOMPLETE KONTROL 88 MKII, Virus Access, Avid Eleven Rack

Plug Ins : Waves (56), UAD Quad (50), Slate Digital (2), Hoffa (2), FabFilter (2)

Midi : Native Instruments (14), Spectrasonics (2), 8Dio (2) Roli (2), Audict


Photo: acoustic session room

Well-being and conviviality. A studio session day is sometimes tiring. A little sweetness around a good meal based on local products, a glass of wine and acoustic jam sessions in the evening around a good fire, after a nice walk if the whish is there. The countryside suddenly becomes an essential part of your success.